Installing the Sollae CSE-H53 Converter
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Sollae ezManager software download link: Sollae ezManager
Sollae CSE-H53 product link: Sollae CSE-H53
Connect the Sollae's RS232 DB9 port to the Arcam using a nullmodem cable, wire the device to your network using an ethernet cable at the back, and use the power supply to start it up. Next, download the ezManager software from the link on top of this page, and run it.

Step 1. Starting the ezManager application. Once started, press the 'Search All' button.

Step 2: ezManager is searching your network for Sollae devices. They will show up in the left pane. If not, check your connections.

Step 3: Setting the ip address. Once you found the device, depending on your network wishes, either use a static IP address, or get an automatic one (preferred for most users). Check de radiobutton (1) and press the 'Write' button (2). After this, you can press the Status button (3) to get the current status of the device:

Step 4: The status will show you additional info, all we're interested in is the IP address (in this case, may vary in your network) and port number (1470). Write them down.

Step 5: The last step is to configure the serial communication mode (1). Make sure the device is set to the settings below (38400:n:8:1). Also make sure the Communication Mode is set to "T2C - TCP Server" (2). Also here we can find our port number (3). The last thing to do is press 'Write' (4) to save the settings, and exit the application.

The rControl Info app is available in the AppStore.
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