Arcam AVR360/400/500/600/888
Virtual remote

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The rControl app is a universal app for iPhone and iPad to control your Arcam AVR360/AVR400/AVR500/AVR600 receiver or AV888 processor. The app serves as a graphical remote control, with a working, synchronized display, and a 'real' look and feel.

You can turn your receiver/processor on or off, set the volume and switch inputs, turn RoomEQ and Dolby Effects on or off, navigate through the On Screen menu's and alter settings like trim, treble, bass and lipsync. You can also turn the OSD itself on or off, select the HDMI output you want (1, 2 or both). Basically everything you can do with the regular remote, but from your iPad or iPhone, by touch. You can increase or decrease volume by swiping your finger from left to right or vice vers over the volume indicator in the display, or mute the volum by swiping in a downward direction over the volume indicator. As a bonus, there's an extended display mode in which you can see the incoming and outgoing video inputs and resolution, and incoming audio source and sample rates.

The app will autodetect your device, so if you own an AVR360 or AVR400, the app will automatically change it's display to a dotmatrix style display. The app will also detect if it runs on an iPad or an iPhone, and change it's interface and functions accordingly. Using the settings, you can switch between a silver or a black skin on the fly, to match your actual device.


Universal app for both iPhone and iPad
Autodetects AVR360/400/500/600 or 888 devices
'Real' device look & feel, fully working and synchronized display
Use gestures to set volume or mute
Extended info mode on display showing advanced video & audio info
Black or silver skin to match your actual device

Installation & setup

After downloading the app from the appstore, make sure your device is connected to your network using a 3rd party RS232/ethernet converter, and that the device is turned ON. Enter the IP address and port the device uses in the app's settings, and start the app.


In order to use this app with your Arcam device, you will need an additional ethernet-to-RS232 converter. Use the link below for more information:
Setting up the Sollae CSE-H53 converter
The rControl app is available on the AppStore.
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